El Vendrell Ceramics Festival aims to be an artistic creation reference related to ceramics and a meeting place for ceramicists.

The main goal of this initiative is to bring together ceramicists worldwide. It also wants to bring them closer to citizens through exhibitions, sales and various demonstrations and activities for adults and children, all related to ceramics.

Likewise, this space is intended to be a meeting point amongst ceramists through professional activities: shows, exhibitions, conferences, activities...


Section 1. Purpose of the Call

These bases are intended to establish general foundations of FangArt, Ceramics Festival of El Vendrell,

Section 2. Location

The exhibition will be held at the promenade of San Salvador, Joan Reventós.


Section 3. Dates and times

The Festival will take place on 17th and 18th June 2017 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Section 4. Participants

- Ceramics Festival is open to all artists, from 18 years old, who mainly use ceramic techniques in their works.

- Works presented must original and unpublished.

- Ceramists can participate individually or in groups. If it is a group with a diversified work, they must include the work of all members of the group.

- Ceramists must have a craftsman card.

- Participants must be registered to Social Security.

Section 5. Publication of the foundation grant

These bases, once approved by the City Council of El Vendrell, will be submitted to public information within 20 working days and published in the Butlletí Oficial de la Província de Tarragona (BOPT) and the noticeboard of the corporation. A reference to this notice is going to be added at the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC).


Section 6. Call

The Governing Board of El Vendrell will approve the call, which will be published in the Base de Dades Nacional de Subventions, regulated by article 20 of Law 38/2003 of 17th November, the noticeboard of the corporation and in the Butlletí Oficial de la Província de Tarragona (BOPT) and the noticeboard of the corporation. A reference to this notice will be added at the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC).


Section 7. Documents required

In order to be exhibitors, ceramists must send at, before 5th April, the bulletin and the following documents:

- A minimum of five digital photographs of the work. In the case of being a group of ceramists, it is mandatory to send a minimum of five photographs per artist.

If you have participated in other fairs, you have to add a photograph of the exhibition space.

- A photograph of the author and a photograph of a piece. These two images will be used to disseminate their job, accepting its reproduction and citation of their names on all these events, media, and digital or web pages that the organisers deem appropriate, without being able to claim any amount for the image rights.

- The artist’s resume. If the case of being a group of ceramists, it is necessary to send each member’s resume.

- A craftsman’s card.

- A document that certifies your self-employed status. This document may be your last payment received from Social Security.

Section 8. Deadline for submission of applications

The deadline for submitting the application form is 5th April.

Section 9. Compensation Differences

For those applications submitted with incomplete or erroneous information, a deadline will be set for the next 10 working days to resolve or attach relevant documents. Once this period is over without solving the request, it will be rejected.

Section 10. Selection procedure

- The Art Committee will select a maximum of 25 exhibitors. It will assess the quality of the works and the diversity among the applications submitted.

- The Art Committee reserves the right to exclude exhibitors that do not exhibit the works previously selected.

- The Department of Culture and Festivals will notify the resolution of the Art Committee until 20 days after the end date of the deadline.

Section 11. Exhibition requirements

- The exhibition spaces will be 3 x 3 m.

- The organising committee will facilitate the location selected of each exhibitor by draw.

- Exhibitors will have light points. Exhibitors will take care of their proper lightning.

- Participation with a space at the exhibition implies the presence of at least one person during opening hours.

- Exhibitors will have bags at their disposal.

Section 12. Requirements for participants

Participants will be responsible for the decoration and composition of the space. However, the quality of the interior decoration will be adapted to minimum criteria set by the organisation:

- Any exhibitor propaganda noise or light from its space that might disturb the other participants won’t be allowed.

- Do not install banners that will protrude from the front of the stands.

- Cloth fabrics won’t be allowed.

- The exhibition of the products is limited to the interior of the space. It is forbidden to obstruct pedestrians.

Section 13. Assembly and disassembly. Loading and unloading

The stalls will be available to exhibitors on 17th April at 7 a.m. Placing all the necessary exposure will be ready the same day at 11 a.m.

It will be a space to loading and unloading area close to San Salvador square.

Section 14. Cost of the Space

The cost of the exhibition space is 100 €. The minimum requirement to participate is one space.

Those ceramists selected that want to renounce their participation in the fair, they must do it 30 days before the date of the Ceramics Festival of El Vendrell. Otherwise, they won’t have their money refunded.

If weather conditions do not allow the festival to take place, the money will be refunded as long as it has gone half the fair market. In this case, neither the subsidies will be paid.

Section 14. Subsidies

Exhibitors will be able to get the following subsidies, which are cumulative:


14.1. Young Grant Workshop

Two spaces will be reserved for youth workshops, they will subsidise 100% of the cost of the space. In order to apply for this option, the workshop will have a maximum two years from its opening. In this way, it aims to promote the artists who start in the world of ceramics. It asked the appropriate documentation to substantiate it.

The Art Committee will select from among the applications submitted.

14.2. Grant for doing activities

- Participants will have the opportunity to do an activity that will be funded with 100% of the cost of the exhibition space. In this case, you must mark the ballot —which will be published in the notice— specifying the type of activity.

- The activity must have a minimum of two hours length.

- The Art Committee has the right to reject the proposal and will choose a maximum of nine activities of all the proposals.

14.3. Prize for the best space

There will be a prize for the quality and originality in the composition of the space, which will be posted on the call.

All selected candidates will compete for this grant.

The organisation will notify the winner via Facebook and Twitter during the last day of the Fair.

Ceramists applying for any of these grants that are residents in Spain shall provide certificates to be aware of tax obligations or give written permission to the City of El Vendrell for electronic certification concerned.

Section 15. General scheme applicable

The general scheme applicable is regulated by Law 38/2003, of 17th November, general subsidies; Royal Decree 887/2006 of 21st July, which approves the Regulation of Law 38/2003 of 17th November, general subsidies; Bases General Grant of the City of El Vendrell; Decree 179/1995 of 13th June, approving the regulations for works, services and activities of local authorities; Law 30/1992 of 26th November on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and the Common Administrative Procedure, and the Law 26/2010 of 3rd August on the legal system and procedure of the Government of Catalonia. Anything that has not been foreseen in this basis, it will be applied the provisions of the regulations.

Section 16. Insurance

The organisation provides full coverage in terms of civil responsibility. The exhibitor must take the necessary measures preserve the security and protection of displayed products. Theft or fire insurance will be assumed by the exhibitor.

Section 17. Surveillance

The exhibition spaces will be permanently monitored by a special service from closing time.

It is recommended that exhibitors at closing time take the necessary to facilitate the task of monitoring, covering the exhibitions and removing the space if necessary.

Section 18. Acceptance

Participation in the festival implies the acceptance of the rules. The organisation reserves the right to modify or supplement these bases in order to preserve a proper functioning of the festival.

The organisation will resolve any aspect not included in these bases the way it deems most appropriate for the proper functioning of the festival.

Subsidies recipients must accept expressly all the terms foreseen in Law 38/2003, 17th de November, related to general subsidies. 

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